Hey Christians! Stop Ruining Young Writers!

Recently, in an attempt to advertise a site that I no longer write for, I joined a couple of Christian writers groups on Facebook. After I quit the site, I was too lazy to unsubscribe from them (and managing Facebook notifications makes me want to punch a wall), so I still see the new posts. I also follow a lot of Christian blogs, usually by people who claim to be fiction writers.

And a lot of what I see is deeply disturbing to me, both as a Christian and a writer. Continue reading “Hey Christians! Stop Ruining Young Writers!”


On Feminism, Bigotry, and Heineken

I recently read an article on the Internet that made me quite irritated. Shocker, right? But I always like to figure out why I’m mad about something, and, after mulling this article over and ranting in my head for about an hour, I decided to rant on here instead. Continue reading “On Feminism, Bigotry, and Heineken”