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We’re all small-time artists, but some of us have jobs.

I’m so tired of the narrative that it’s small independent artists versus big corporations.

I get where it comes from, I do. Corporations can produce things cheaply and quickly, they have a massive workforce and a corporate greed mentality, and they more often than not put small creators out of business because the little guy just can’t compete. Continue reading “We’re all small-time artists, but some of us have jobs.”


You know, it can be both…

Like I’m sure many of you, I’ve been following the Notre Dame fire on and off all day. There’s no denying it’s a tragedy. What I find arguably even more tragic, though, is people’s responses to it. Continue reading “You know, it can be both…”


Matthew 3, and a quick rant about terrible people

So, as I was doing my nightly procrastinating scrolling through social media, I ran across an article that someone had linked to about ignorance regarding racism and how the author had lost many white friends and family members because he became an activist and shared his experiences of racism and they showed no empathy. The author also claimed that his white friends and family couldn’t argue with him because they only had a passing knowledge of racism and he studied it ALL THE TIME. I say this to set the scene, because upon reading through the comments, I found this comment that the author had made: Continue reading “Matthew 3, and a quick rant about terrible people”

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Movie Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I am just full of unpopular opinions today. I need to get off of Reddit before I completely lose faith in the human race. Anyway.

I saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom the other day, and I absolutely hated it. This is going to be more rant than review, and it’s going to be chock full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet and are planning to, run. Run far, run fast, run like Chris Pratt being chased by lava and dinosaurs. Continue reading “Movie Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”


Why the Heyday of the Reader Will Be the Death of Literature

It’s a good time to be a reader. Social media allows book lovers all over the world to swarm together and swap opinions and recommendations, with virtual communities forming over a shared love of literature. New releases are waited on anxiously in comment threads, and forget waiting for a bookstore to open to get the next book in a series, Amazon will ship it to your doorstep the very next day if you haven’t already downloaded it immediately to your tablet. Young people are reading more than ever before—in fact, millennials are the most likely of any age group to have read a book in the past year.

But does this heyday have a dark side? Continue reading “Why the Heyday of the Reader Will Be the Death of Literature”


Poet’s Market Is a Scam


A while back, I wrote a post about the ugly minefield that is trying to find a legitimate literary magazine. Due to life getting really busy, I hadn’t had a ton of time to continue the search until a couple days ago. So, I sat down with my laptop, my spreadsheet of submitted works and completed works* and Poet’s Market 2017. Continue reading “Poet’s Market Is a Scam”


Hey Christians! Stop Ruining Young Writers!

Recently, in an attempt to advertise a site that I no longer write for, I joined a couple of Christian writers groups on Facebook. After I quit the site, I was too lazy to unsubscribe from them (and managing Facebook notifications makes me want to punch a wall), so I still see the new posts. I also follow a lot of Christian blogs, usually by people who claim to be fiction writers.

And a lot of what I see is deeply disturbing to me, both as a Christian and a writer. Continue reading “Hey Christians! Stop Ruining Young Writers!”


gtfo tumblr: On Accidentally Racist Villains

Tumblr is a cesspit of bad advice and poorly constructed arguments, but thing that really gets my goat is the plethora of bad writing advice on there and, consequently, floating around on Pinterest. Why does this bother me so much, you ask? Well, for one, because I have a hard time passing up correcting people I know are blatantly wrong. But the real reason is this: in the era of self-publishing, there’s a plethora of really, really bad fiction. Like, really bad. Seriously. And do you know where most of it comes from? Dear little tumblr users taking this terrible advice because they know no better. So, in the name of bettering the fiction of the future (and a little for my own gratification), I am starting a column in which I correct some of the terrible advice I see on tumblr. Enjoy. Continue reading “gtfo tumblr: On Accidentally Racist Villains”