2018 Update

Hi there! It’s been a while since I posted. (I wonder how many times that phrase appears on this blog. Probably a lot. Anyway.) I’ve got a few updates for you, if you actually care about or follow this blog.

First, the reason for my absence here: I started a magazine! Continue reading “2018 Update”


On Being Worthwhile

Yesterday I stopped at Starbucks, because I had stars that were expiring at the end of the month and I wanted to use my reward before it no longer existed. As you may have experienced, their app was not working. I stood in the mostly empty Target Starbucks for five minutes, though it felt like twenty, logging into the app over and over again while the baristas waited for me, drink already made. Continue reading “On Being Worthwhile”


Don’t Should Yourself

Not too long ago, I saw a gallery show by the amazingly talented Richard Faust, in which he had drawn small animals with fun patterns and accompanied them with cute, inspirational sayings. It’s one of my great regrets that I didn’t buy one, so I’m hoping he does another similar show at some point. But one of the pieces I remember most clearly said in big letters, “don’t should yourself.” Continue reading “Don’t Should Yourself”


Poetics and the Meaninglessness of Striving

Bet you think this is going to be about the poetic lifestyle and how it relates to nihilism and slowly drives you insane. It still might go there. But that’s not the goal. The goal, if I’m being totally honest, is to update my blog: something I haven’t done in weeks, despite the promise I made to myself to keep things going. Continue reading “Poetics and the Meaninglessness of Striving”


Pregaming and Publications

Tonight seems to be more about organizing and less about writing, and I don’t know whether it’s from a lack of creativity, the fact that I do nothing but write and my mind just gave up, or some reason I’m just not thinking of. Probably all of the above. And also none of the above, because it’s not actually possible to run out of creativity. It’s a finicky fountain of manic self-hatred and joy, but it runs forever.

Anyway, that’s what I started the alphabet challenge for, however many years ago I actually started it. Blogging is hard.

So, P is for pregame. Continue reading “Pregaming and Publications”


Beautiful People: Author Edition

Beautiful People is a monthly linkup hosted by Sky and Cait, aimed at getting to know your characters better. This month’s edition is author-focused, so you get to know more about me! Yay! Just what a personal blog that consists of mostly me ranting and giving my opinions needs. Ahem. Anyway. Continue reading “Beautiful People: Author Edition”


On SMART Goals and Procrastination

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had everything you wanted? The perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect spouse, kids, dog. The book deal. The movie deal that sprouts from the book deal. The travel that comes with being a famous author. The successful coffeeshop in a tourist trap town. I think about that a lot.

And yet, I don’t avidly work toward it.

Continue reading “On SMART Goals and Procrastination”


A Smattering of Self-Expression

I never thought the day would come, but I actually miss writing self-reflection papers. Don’t get me wrong, they were usually miserable excuses for assignments, and I don’t think I learned a whit about myself writing them, but as far as college papers go, they got kind of fun. Once I figured out that I would get an A literally no matter what I wrote, as long as I wrote it well, the world kind of opened up. I badly paraphrased famous authors, I turned everyone I knew into anthropomorphic animals, I spent three pages ranting about the term “corrosive” and how it applied my current college situation. I even parodied a self-reflection paper in a self-reflection paper. It got fun. Continue reading “A Smattering of Self-Expression”


Me, and Stuff.

K is for Kristen.

(Is that too obvious? That seems to obvious.)

kristen stewart.gif
I searched way too hard for an appropriate gif of Kristen Stewart.

I was recently accused (for the twelfth time) of not talking about myself enough. I tried to argue that everything you say is really “about” you, in that everything is a reflection of you: what you think about a person/place/thing and how you express those thoughts shows some aspect of your personality, character, and thought process. He wasn’t having any of it. Which is dumb, because I totally talk about myself plenty. I think.

Either way, I wanted to write but didn’t want to research anything, and, as many an icebreaker game has taught me, there aren’t any good adjectives that start with K (here’s looking at you, Kooky Katie, Krazy Kristen, and Kind Karen), so here’s a list of some random stuff that could probably mostly be qualified as “about me.”

I hate icebreaker games. They’re inane and awkward.

My favorite kinds of movies are ones in which an underdog gets ahead through hard work and perseverance (e.g. Morning GloryNever Back DownDirty Dancing). Bonus points if there’s a happy ending and/or the protagonist won’t put up with any drama.

I hate having all my toenails the same color.

Expensive art makes me lose faith in life and the rationality of humankind.

If my life were a romantic comedy, I’d probably be throwing Milk Duds at the screen right now. (That actually happened once. To a friend. Obviously. This one’s for you, Matty Flamhaff, you eternal heartbreaker.)

Asiago cheese bagels are my favorite food, especially when paired with a really good iced coffee.

I really hate talking about myself. I get about thirty seconds in and start to wonder why would anyone care? I’m not really that special. I don’t have anything to say if I’m not explaining something or providing some new, interesting revelation. Is this too much? This is dumb. And irrelevant. And then I take the time to convince myself otherwise and then thirty seconds later I repeat the process. It’s like one step forward and eight steps back. Blogging is supposed to help get me over this. Without turning me into some self-absorbed, self-obsessed dweeb.

I love 80s music. And 80s movies. Probably more than is socially acceptable.

There are exactly two people that I trust completely and don’t feel at all anxious around.

I believe that thrift shopping is a lifestyle and, if done right, a good lifestyle. You don’t have to pay a lot for clothes or art or coffee mugs. But, there are some things that definitely shouldn’t come from thrift stores if at all possible: underwear, bedding, stuffed animals, bath products, etc. You should always have a full and presentable set of dishes. You should always have a fuzzy blanket that’s only ever been yours. And you should treat yourself occasionally, because you can.

I expect the worst of people but hope for the best.

My perfect date would be a day at an amusement park, specifically one on a beach, like Cedar Point or Coney Island. There’s just something about the lights and the excitement and the sunshine and the smell, that lovely mix of sunscreen, sweat, fried food, and fish. I love it.

I always strive to be happy.