10 Must-Read Short Story Collections

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that’s all about, you guessed it, top ten bookish lists. This week’s prompt is ten hidden gems in any given genre, and because my tastes are all over the place and I couldn’t come up with ten in any one specific genre, I’m going with short stories. All short stories seem to fly under the radar for some reason. I don’t actually read them that often, but I haven’t met many that I didn’t like. Here are ten that I really did.

best short stories.pngAll images from Amazon.



Top 10 Worst Books I Had to Read for School

Top Ten Tuesday (I know, I’m a few days late to the party) is a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that’s all about, you guessed it, top ten bookish lists. This week’s prompt is anything related to back-to-school, and while I read some pretty great books in school, I read a lot of really terrible ones, too. This list is dedicated to those.

worst books in school.png


Series That Got Better

Top 5 Wednesday is hosted over at this goodreads group, and involves, obviously, listing the top five… something. This week’s topic is series that took a while to get into, but were worth the long haul. I only have four to list this week, mostly because usually if I don’t like the first book of a series, I won’t finish it. Ain’t nobody got time for that. (more…)

Best Film or Television Adaptation

Heeeere’s Fandom Friday! (Bet you think I’m going to talk about The Shining. I’m not. I’ve never read the book nor seen the movie. I know, I know. It’s on my list.) Anyway, Fandom Friday is a linkup hosted by The Fangirl Initiative that provides some kind of fandom prompt every Friday. This week’s is the best film or television adaptation, which is going to be harder than I thought it was to choose just one. (more…)