The Power of Communication

At some point, I will write a full scientific article with sources and logic and the whole shebang about this topic, if not a whole series of articles because it’s so close to my heart, but at the moment I’m just going to rant about how much I hate working with other people. Strap in. Continue reading “The Power of Communication”


2018 Update

Hi there! It’s been a while since I posted. (I wonder how many times that phrase appears on this blog. Probably a lot. Anyway.) I’ve got a few updates for you, if you actually care about or follow this blog.

First, the reason for my absence here: I started a magazine! Continue reading “2018 Update”


On Being Worthwhile

Yesterday I stopped at Starbucks, because I had stars that were expiring at the end of the month and I wanted to use my reward before it no longer existed. As you may have experienced, their app was not working. I stood in the mostly empty Target Starbucks for five minutes, though it felt like twenty, logging into the app over and over again while the baristas waited for me, drink already made. Continue reading “On Being Worthwhile”

How Not to Suck at Everyday Life

Are You a Hassle or an Asset?

A friend and I were browsing Barnes and Noble the other day in an attempt to kill time, and we stumbled across the section labeled “Self-Help: 20-somethings.” Now, of course being twenty-somethings with larger than average egos, we were intrigued. And a little bit disgusted. In short, the perfect mix of things to be in order to pick up and flip through every book with an interesting or cringe-worthy title. Continue reading “Are You a Hassle or an Asset?”


A List of All the Things That Have Been Annoying Me Lately

The fact that Pinterest makes it very easy to sign up for a business account and encourages you to do it but doesn’t tell you anywhere that in order to switch back to a personal account, you have to contact their help desk.

People on Reddit who downvote things to make their posts look better. For that matter, Reddit itself. Continue reading “A List of All the Things That Have Been Annoying Me Lately”


Don’t Should Yourself

Not too long ago, I saw a gallery show by the amazingly talented Richard Faust, in which he had drawn small animals with fun patterns and accompanied them with cute, inspirational sayings. It’s one of my great regrets that I didn’t buy one, so I’m hoping he does another similar show at some point. But one of the pieces I remember most clearly said in big letters, “don’t should yourself.” Continue reading “Don’t Should Yourself”


Life Update, I Guess

I’ve been feeling down and out and discouraged lately, hence the lack of posts. I have half-finished drafts and a list of ideas and notebook pages filled with snippets scattered everywhere, but I haven’t had the motivation to finish anything. I just don’t care. What’s the point of screaming my opinions into the void? All it does is add negativity to the world, because no one reads the positive posts. And when I see the people who are crazy popular in the blogosphere, I want nothing to do with them because all they do is post inane drivel. Continue reading “Life Update, I Guess”

Life Hacks

Life Hack #452

If you’re going to rant about something or explain to people how to do something, make sure you’re correct. Even if you’re mostly correct and have a really good point, that one little thing you don’t have right will shoot a hole in your argument so big you’ll never be able to come back from it—especially if you’re ranting on social media, where you have the time and ability to check yourself.