Dear Guy Who Texted Me Out of the Blue,

I was having a bad week.  I think I may have mentioned something about it on social media, probably in passing, but when you texted me asking if I was okay and telling me everything would get better, it meant a lot.  We’re friends–we say hello in passing–but it’s not like we talk very often.  The fact that you cared enough to tell me everything would get better really made my week.  And I haven’t forgotten it.  (Obviously.)

But besides letting me know that people cared, you showed me that people didn’t think it was weird when you worried about them or wanted to make them happy, which is something that I constantly struggle with.  I always have the idea to help someone or to just do something nice, but I always worry that it will come across as creepy.  I still usually opt for not doing it, because I’m paranoid, but not as often as I did before you texted me that one day, however long ago it was.  So thank you for that.  You’re pretty great.

The Girl Who Worries Way Too Much About What People Think


Wait! Let Me Love You!

I love the idea of writing letters.  This year I decided to draw and send postcards to all my friends, to cheer them up.  Everyone can always use cheering up.  (I think I only managed about four, but that’s beside the point.)  It’s on my to-do list to write letters to people to tell them what a positive impact they had on my life.  I don’t think people hear that enough.  Can you ever hear that enough?

Anyway, this got me thinking.  (Well actually I saw a post on tumblr which got me thinking.  But then I combined it with the previous idea and a full-fledged thought happened.)  Why stop at just friends?  Why not write letters to authors?  Or painters, or musicians, or whoever impacted your life in a positive way?  Who cares if they don’t respond.  Heck, they might not even read it.  But what if they do?  It’s worth a try.  Everyone loves hearing how great they are.  And almost everyone loves hearing gratitude and that they did a good deed for someone, especially without knowing it.  How much skin off my nose is it to write a letter?  I’m an aspiring writer; if I don’t want to take the time to write a letter, how pathetic am I?  I don’t know if I’d necessarily hand-write it, that’s not really cute unless you’re seven or have really good handwriting, but it’s worth a try, right?  (I like rhetorical questions, can you tell?)

Yes, I know, stamps are sort of expensive, and I’m not asking you to do it with me.  (Although I am sort of telling you that you should, if you want.)  But I think I’ll try anyway.  I just have to decide to whom to write.  I’ll let you know if anything ever comes of it.  Fingers crossed.