Bookstagram Challenge — March

Hello photo-loving friends! We’re back for another month with #jaguarsushimarch! We’re loving all the awesome photos you’ve been posting for #jaguarsushifebruary and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for next month!

For those of you who are new here (welcome!), Jaime @ Books and Waffles and I are hosting a bookstagram challenge, or, if you’re not into bookstagram, just a general Instagram photo challenge. If you don’t have Instagram—or are boycotting thanks to their new obnoxious algorithm—feel free to use it as a blog challenge, a writing challenge, anything! Do all the creative things! Continue reading “Bookstagram Challenge — March”


My Favorite Fandom

Fandom Friday is a linkup hosted by The Fangirl Initiative, getting fangirls everywhere to talk about what they love. They post a topic every Friday, and this week’s is favorite fandoms.

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Top 5 Books Without Romance

Top 5 Wednesday is hosted over at this goodreads group, and involves, obviously, listing the top five… something. This week’s topic is books without romance, which turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Though, granted, I thoroughly enjoy a good (or even a super cheesy) romance, so that might have contributed to my difficulty. But without further ado, here goes. Continue reading “Top 5 Books Without Romance”


Endemic Species

The world is full of oddities: naked mole rats, haunted dolls, toe socks. The whole spectrum of human emotion is an oddity if you think about it for to long. As is the entire human body. There are so many things that no one understands. And there seems to be a startling lack of curiosity in the world.

The more time I spend with other people, the more I wonder how the human race got to the point it is today. Are people less curious? Or have there just always been the select few who say, “screw your laws and customs” to the universe and go ahead and make scientific and humanitarian and technological advances despite it all? Continue reading “Endemic Species”