Writers Weekend: Untitled Fantasy Novel

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Finally, a day before the next is set to go up, I’m getting around to doing my own Writers Weekend post. This one is about my current project love, the first novel I’ve actually outlined before writing. I’m pretty excited. Continue reading “Writers Weekend: Untitled Fantasy Novel”

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Movie Review: The Kissing Booth

Image result for the kissing boothIt’s so new I couldn’t even find a decent res movie poster.

The other night, I was deeply in need of a fluffy, cute, indie movie that I knew wouldn’t make me sad or angry or feel anything but a cheesy sense of awwww. So, when Netflix threw The Kissing Booth at me as their giant, annoying advertisement, I watched it.

Spoilers. Continue reading “Movie Review: The Kissing Booth”


Writers Weekend: WIP

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Welcome to Writers Weekend, your virtual getaway dedicated to all things writing! Join a community of writers as we share our struggles, triumphs, and most of all, our love of the craft. Every other week I’ll post a prompt, whether it’s a list of questions or an open ended inquiry or just a random writing exercise. Write your post, add your link in a comment, and then check out and comment on a few of the other links! You can grab the blog button below (or the banner above!), but please link back.
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How to Write an Engaging Email

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How many emails have you deleted without reading recently?

If you’re anything like me, the answer is so, so many. Everybody seems to want your email these days, from apps to stores to coworkers to that annoying person sending out reminders for events at your local library/university/rec center. It’s obnoxious, and our inboxes are constantly filled with mindless trash.

But what if you’re in charge of sending out those email reminders? You’re not a marketing expert and you don’t want to be. You just want to get people to come to your event. I’ve been there. I’ve got you. Continue reading “How to Write an Engaging Email”


Don’t Should Yourself

Not too long ago, I saw a gallery show by the amazingly talented Richard Faust, in which he had drawn small animals with fun patterns and accompanied them with cute, inspirational sayings. It’s one of my great regrets that I didn’t buy one, so I’m hoping he does another similar show at some point. But one of the pieces I remember most clearly said in big letters, “don’t should yourself.” Continue reading “Don’t Should Yourself”

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Novel Research

How much research do you usually do before writing a novel? I’m sure it depends on the genre, but maybe not.

— Kelly

Thanks for the question, Kelly!

For me personally, I don’t usually do any research before writing a novel. It doesn’t matter the genre, though I’ve only really tried fantasy, contemporary, and YA. A book of essays or something more… research-based, for lack of a better term, would probably merit a little bit more, but I’m a pantser in the worst way. I would even occasionally start research papers in college before I actually did the majority of my research. Continue reading “Novel Research”

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Worldbuilding: The Devil’s in the Details


How do you incorporate details into a story? Like if it’s a fantasy, how do you balance world-building with plot and character development? If it’s set in a historical period, how do you make sure the details are accurate, necessary?

-curious writer

The most important element of worldbuilding is the knowledge that people will approach your world with only the understanding of their own world. If they’re an avid reader, they might have a broader vocabulary concerning worldbuilding, but you can’t rely on something a reader might or might not know. So as you introduce details of a foreign world, be it fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, alternate realities, what have you, always keep in the back of your mind how it relates to the here and now—the world to which your reader will unconsciously compare your world. Continue reading “Worldbuilding: The Devil’s in the Details”


Life Update, I Guess

I’ve been feeling down and out and discouraged lately, hence the lack of posts. I have half-finished drafts and a list of ideas and notebook pages filled with snippets scattered everywhere, but I haven’t had the motivation to finish anything. I just don’t care. What’s the point of screaming my opinions into the void? All it does is add negativity to the world, because no one reads the positive posts. And when I see the people who are crazy popular in the blogosphere, I want nothing to do with them because all they do is post inane drivel. Continue reading “Life Update, I Guess”


Bookstagram Challenge — March

Hello photo-loving friends! We’re back for another month with #jaguarsushimarch! We’re loving all the awesome photos you’ve been posting for #jaguarsushifebruary and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for next month!

For those of you who are new here (welcome!), Jaime @ Books and Waffles and I are hosting a bookstagram challenge, or, if you’re not into bookstagram, just a general Instagram photo challenge. If you don’t have Instagram—or are boycotting thanks to their new obnoxious algorithm—feel free to use it as a blog challenge, a writing challenge, anything! Do all the creative things! Continue reading “Bookstagram Challenge — March”