Matthew 7, and just be nice to each other, guys

There’s so much to unpack here, and honestly I don’t have the time or motivation to unpack all of it. I remember in sixth grade, we had to memorize at least the first half of this chapter, if not the whole thing. This is one of the sections that stuck with me for some reason. Continue reading “Matthew 7, and just be nice to each other, guys”


Top 10 Most Annoying Characters

Top Ten Tuesday (which I haven’t done in…years, now) is a weekly link-up hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl that’s all about, you guessed it, top ten bookish lists. This week’s prompt was a character freebie, so, I decided to go with the one thing that makes me want to scream (and even sometimes makes me quit books): annoying characters. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Annoying Characters”

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We’re all small-time artists, but some of us have jobs.

I’m so tired of the narrative that it’s small independent artists versus big corporations.

I get where it comes from, I do. Corporations can produce things cheaply and quickly, they have a massive workforce and a corporate greed mentality, and they more often than not put small creators out of business because the little guy just can’t compete. Continue reading “We’re all small-time artists, but some of us have jobs.”


How to Harness the Power of Communication

I recently wrote a rant about being terrible at communication and received an interesting question in the comments. I started to reply to the comment and then realized I had more than enough info to write a whole new post. So this is that post.

This may be a stupid question, but it is a genuine one. I am on the autism spectrum. What are some ways I can be mindful without sounding robotic?

Continue reading “How to Harness the Power of Communication”


Matthew 4, and one of the reasons I don’t like the modern Evangelical church

Today at church, the youth pastor gave a sermon to the whole congregation about Lent. While none of it was strictly untrue, basically none of it was rooted in any truth, if that makes sense. His main point was that we should prepare for God moments—like Easter and Christmas—by studying and doing things before then (specifically tying this in with Lent), because those dates were divinely inspired and God “penciled in time to meet with us” so we should not just digest those big ideas on those days. Which isn’t technically wrong. But it’s also majorly not right. Continue reading “Matthew 4, and one of the reasons I don’t like the modern Evangelical church”


Matthew 3, and a quick rant about terrible people

So, as I was doing my nightly procrastinating scrolling through social media, I ran across an article that someone had linked to about ignorance regarding racism and how the author had lost many white friends and family members because he became an activist and shared his experiences of racism and they showed no empathy. The author also claimed that his white friends and family couldn’t argue with him because they only had a passing knowledge of racism and he studied it ALL THE TIME. I say this to set the scene, because upon reading through the comments, I found this comment that the author had made: Continue reading “Matthew 3, and a quick rant about terrible people”