Author: Kristen

Life Hack #59

Put your Kindle on airplane mode to keep library e-books as long as you want. If it’s not connected to the internet, it can’t return them.


Movie Review: Opening Night

What would happen if Anthony Rapp‘s character from Rent grew up, sold out, and started teaching a high school drama class? Well, Opening Night would happen.  (more…)

Life Hack #144

If you’re working on a large project, listen to the same album or short playlist on repeat. That way it’ll fade to background music as you work, but when you’re lacking the motivation to start working on it again, turning on the music will kick your brain into action and picking it back up will be easy.

Life Hack #452

If you’re going to rant about something or explain to people how to do something, make sure you’re correct. Even if you’re mostly correct and have a really good point, that one little thing you don’t have right will shoot a hole in your argument so big you’ll never be able to come back from it—especially if you’re ranting on social media, where you have the time and ability to check yourself.

Bookstagram Challenge — February

We had such an awesome response for our #jaguarsushijanuary photo challenge, we decided to keep it up! (Though, let’s be real, we’d be doing it even if only two people participated. It’s just fun.) Thanks to everyone who’s currently participating, and here’s hoping even more people join in February!

For those of you who are new, Jaime @ Books and Waffles and I are hosting a bookstagram challenge, or, if you’re not into bookstagram, just a general Instagram photo challenge! Or, if you don’t have Instagram, feel free to use it as a blog challenge, a writing challenge, anything!

Here’s #jaguarsushifebruary! (more…)

A Little Discontent Never Hurt Anyone

R is for revolutionary.

As in, I’ve always felt a deep need to be something more than I am. It was fine when I was in school. There was always another grade to get, year to move up, class to pass, project to finish. But now that I’m supposed to be content with my life, I’m very much not. I’m getting the itch to change the world, and I don’t know what to do with it. (more…)

5 Easy Ways to Improve Someone’s Life

5 Easy Ways.png

No matter how un-self-centered we try to be, the truth is we’ll always be wrapped up in our own worlds, and worrying about other people’s happiness and well-being will fall behind more pressing concerns. It happens. But if, like me, you need a reminder of how you can improve the lives of the people around you—while putting in minimal effort, because come on, we’ve all got busy schedules—this list is for you. Everything on it takes very little time and even less effort, but as a result, you’ll vastly contribute to someone’s happiness and quality of life. Plus, people will like you more. (more…)

Movie Review: Good Kids

An indie coming-of-age movie, Good Kids follows four incredibly smart best friends as they spend the summer after graduation making up for all the fun they missed in high school, which basically amounts to drinking, drugs, and sex. A lot of it. (more…)