Writers Weekend: Annoying Characters

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This week’s Writers Weekend is our first opinion segment—I’m planning to rotate between plot, character, and opinion, unless of course something else pressing or on trend comes up. (Feel free to contact me if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered on Writers Weekend!) So, since this is the first, we’ll ease into it. This weekend’s topic:

How annoying can a character get before you quit reading?

No matter if you’re reading fantasy, non-fiction, or contemporary YA, everyone has a threshold of annoyingness that the main character (or any character) can’t cross. So what is that threshold? Is it bad decision making? A delusional inner monologue? Terrible treatment of other people?

What was the last book you quit for this reason? What was the worst book you quit for this reason? Let’s hear about those annoying characters! (And, if you’re so inclined, how you plan to go about avoiding it in your own writing.)

Once you’ve written your post, add your link in the comments below, then read and comment on some of the other links! Happy writing!


1 thought on “Writers Weekend: Annoying Characters”

  1. Hm .. what was the last annoying character for me .. well most recently I read someone’s autobiography and it was all a bit me me me, didn’t I do well .. and the word smug kept jumping out at me. I tried to take it with a pinch of salt but it kept on and I stopped enjoying the book. Shame, because when this person was on television on a documentary it was different. The editor needed to bring more cuts into this book I think. Regarding characters .. I would say someone who finds the journey too easy; things are put in front of them that they don’t have to work for. A book is a journey and I want to know there’s hard work ahead. Sometimes I may want something low maintenance and jovial (a cat book) but even then I want a journey with a struggle. So for me, spoiled characters with nothing to work for. Beyond that, I’m not sure as it’s been a while since I managed to focus on a book, due to illness. Hope to get better soon and get back to it, I miss my books.

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