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Welcome to Writers Weekend, your virtual getaway dedicated to all things writing! Join a community of writers as we share our struggles, triumphs, and most of all, our love of the craft. Every other week I’ll post a prompt, whether it’s a list of questions or an open ended inquiry or just a random writing exercise. Write your post, add your link in a comment, and then check out and comment on a few of the other links! You can grab the blog button below (or the banner above!), but please link back.

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For this first week, I thought we’d start broad and introduce ourselves via our favorite WIPs! Pick your current writing love (or, if you’re on a hating everything kick, whatever you’re working on at the moment) and let us know what it’s about! You can copy and paste the questions or, if you’re not feeling inspired by those, feel free to write about your WIP however you want.

  1. What are you calling it? Does it have a title yet?
  2. What’s the genre?
  3. Describe your setting.
  4. Who’s your protagonist?
  5. Who’s your antagonist?
  6. Where did the idea come from?
  7. How long have you been working on it?
  8. What do you love most about it?
  9. What’s giving you the most trouble?
  10. Sum your WIP up in three words or three gifs.

That’s it for this week! Add your link in a comment below and check out some of the other posts by other awesome writers. Happy writing!


26 thoughts on “Writers Weekend: WIP”

    1. New adult science fantasy definitely sounds like a genre the world needs more of. Can’t wait to hear more!

      And ahh the code was giving me a lot of trouble, partially because I’m new to it, but mostly because wordpress is highly unfriendly. It’ll (hopefully!) be better for the next round.

      1. It’s almost perfect, it just needs a closing div tag! I typed it as initially and it didn’t show that part. XD

    1. Agreed on the A+ gif usage. This sounds like an awesome idea! I’d love to read parts of it if you ever need a second pair of eyes! (Side note: your blog theme is amazing.)

      1. Thank you! I’d love to get your feedback.

        RE: The blog theme—”No school like the old school,” as they said in “The Incredibles”. (Also, click the Start Menu button! It opens—doesn’t do anything, but it looks nice!)

      1. Thank you!

        The whole philosophical angle is something I’m looking forward to because, if you do it right, you can A) wring really good storylines out of culture clashes and B) make points about current circumstances using it.

        This world has gone through many iterations, from just a bunch of doodles to some really inane, childish fantasy situations to a sort of alien UN to what it is today. (The story has changed me as much as I have changed it—I majored in linguistics because I got into it due to my worldbuilding.)

      2. I have a story tucked away that shifted and grew right along with me. That inspired me to take Latin instead of French or Spanish. I get how things can change.

        No matter what, keep writing. 🙂

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