Sitcom Workouts

A while ago I wrote an article for The Fangirl Initiative about sitcom workouts. I have since stopped writing for the site and have figured out how to optimize printing options, so I’m re-posting the graphics here so that I can put them on Pinterest and actually make these accessible to people.

If you don’t know what a sitcom workout is, it’s essentially a drinking game. But with lunges. Funnily enough, both leave you sore and regretting your decisions the next day. But, unlike drinking games, workouts actually get you someplace positive where you’ve lost weight, built muscle, and you feel pretty good about yourself. And the best part of these workouts is you don’t need anything but a floor and a television. And maybe a set of free weights.

The basic overview is this: You turn on an episode, and, as you watch, you do the exercises as they crop up. When you’re not doing a specific exercise, keep moving! Run in place, kick your legs up, lift weights. It doesn’t matter as long as doing something. Granted, sometimes you’ll just want to lay on the floor and groan, and that’s okay, too. Sometimes.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or anything of the sort. If you think this is a bad idea for you, obviously don’t do it. This is just what worked for me.

friends workout

For the PDF, click here.

The next is split into two episodes: one arms, one legs. Watch one episode, drink some water and take a short rest, then watch the other.

himym workout arms

For the PDF, click here.

himym workout legs

For the PDF, click here.

For more information, visit the original post.


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