Fictional Doppelgängers

I did this not too long ago in my post that was just a bunch of lists because I couldn’t come up with anything better to write about. (Why does inspiration only hit when I don’t have time to write?) But this week’s Fandom Friday, hosted by The Fangirl Initiative, is all about fictional doppelgängers, whether in looks, personality, or how others perceive you. So here goes.

1. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

I have never met a character I identified more with than Mr. Darcy. He’s pretty much the most accurate portrayal of an INTJ that I’ve ever seen in fiction (who’s not a criminal mastermind), and there are so many quotes in Pride and Prejudice that I read and am just like… YES. Hence the reason I love Jane Austen so much.

Plus, there are all the Darcy’s inner struggles gifs, which are just plain amazing.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, too, especially Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal (fourth season notwithstanding), is a quality portrayal of an INTJ. His purely logical approach to things and slow uptake on other people’s emotional problems is pretty much my life. This scene sums up perfectly how my mind works:

sherlock mind palace

And I only wish I could give that epic of a maid of honor speech.

3. Wednesday Addams

Not only do I kind of look like her, but she’s pretty much what I would be if I hadn’t grown up with friends and family that kept me from turning into that.

“I’ll be the victim!”
“All your life.”

4. Data

I’m not quite depressed enough to be Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, though we do have a bit in common, so I’m going with another robot I have a lot in common with. (Are you seeing a theme here?) Data, from Star Trek: The Next Generation, often approaches situations the same way I would. Like everyone else on this list, emotions baffle him and he’s straightforward and logical. So pretty much me. Plus he’s got the pale thing down.

5. Burton “Gus” Guster

Since everyone else on this list is sitting on the edge of being a sociopath (some tipping further than others), I figured I would include a somewhat normal person who actually has emotions. Granted, I’m more Gus when I’m with my friend who is 100% Shawn, but the pieces are all still there: supportive, logical, cautious… and I definitely pretend I’m a lot more fearless than I actually am.

Bonus: The Goblin King

So, someone once told me that they thought I was like David Bowie’s character in Labyrinth, and it’s possibly one of the best things I’ve ever heard. I suppose we both have great schemes and a knack for being in charge of things? And we both have great hair. And love unnecessary theatrics… on our end. I just love it.

david bowie labyrinth

Do you identify with any of these characters, too?


4 thoughts on “Fictional Doppelgängers”

  1. Ahhh. I love this. The Darcy gifs are my favorite. And I always forget that you’re like Gus (and of course, Caylie is like Shawn, right? It’s perfect.) BUT ALSO WEDNESDAY ADAMS. YES.

    I’m not similar to any of these. Instead, these are people I wish I could be, but I just can’t be. Ah, well. It’s okay. I’ve got my own doppelgangers to fawn over. 🙂

  2. I LOVE GUS!!! I am so excited for the movie coming out in December!!
    Also Sherlock is great!! I love the way his mind works!!
    You have some pretty awesome fictional doppelgängers there!

    1. DUDE. I’m so excited for the movie, too. I can’t believe it’s happening.

      And thank you! You should link up, too! I’d love to see who your fictional doppelgängers are!

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