Octopus Politics

O is for

HOw dumb are you, really?

DO you actually believe what you say? I don’t know which answer is better.

POlitics makes me want to throw punches.

I would quit Facebook if I didn’t use it to advertise myself. Someone I used to consider intelligent posted a pithy political statement from tumblr (solid news source, right there) saying that Trump’s supporters would only stop supporting him if he became black. And then people were defending it as legitimate.

I then saw a USA Today review of the film Dunkirk giving a trigger warning that there aren’t many women or people of color in this based-on-a-true-story WWII film.

I just can’t with the dumb today. It’s like the collective IQ of the Internet dropped a few points overnight.

But I’ll leave you with this quote from an article criticizing the USA Today article:

Journalism is dead, and it was a suicide.

(Also, O is for octopus, because people tell me that if I were an animal, that’s what I would be, which I’m totally okay with because they’re crazy smart, and I wish I were currently an octopus, because I don’t think they have to deal with this kind of bullshit. I’m pretty sure octopi are smarter than half the people in my Facebook feed.)



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