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Beautiful People: Graham Bower

Beautiful People, hosted by Sky and Cait, is a monthly character questionnaire and link-up focused around getting to know your characters better. This month’s is about the author, and is not helpful for my purposes right now, so this one is from years ago, and this month’s will be posted later in the month. So, here is Graham, the male half of my current Camp NaNo WIP.


How old is he?

As of the start of the novel, Graham is 19, and is going into his last semester of college.

What does he do with his spare time?

Graham is a film buff, and when he’s not hitting on girls or going out on the town, he’s watching movies or reading, working his way through the classics in both. He spends a lot of free time with Marianne, too.

Does he see the big picture or live in the moment?

Graham is always looking at the big picture, to an unhealthy degree, which occasionally leads to him recklessly forgetting everything and living solely in the moment. Of course, this leaves him with an existential hangover—and often a real hangover—so, you know, he needs to get his life in balance. Marianne is trying to get him to join yoga.

Is he a perfectionist?

He’s not so much a perfectionist in his work, but he’s a perfectionist in his life. He wants every piece of his life, every person in his life, to fit perfectly in whatever place he’s decided they’re supposed to be. His work, on the other hand, will always be perfectly acceptable, whatever that looks like, because that’s all he needs to do.

What does his handwriting look like?

His handwriting is surprisingly neat. It’s straight and small and clear, and all his professors have commented on it at one point or another.

Favorite animal?

Raccoons. Which is where the title of the novel comes from.

Does he have any pets?

He doesn’t have any pets. His parents don’t want pets and he doesn’t care enough to keep one at college, though it’s definitely not the rules keeping him from doing it. Just so you know.

Does he have any siblings? How many? Where does he fit in?

He has a younger sister, who he has an iffy relationship with. Usually they’re on good terms, but they just don’t see the world the same way. At all. She’s sixteen, and she adores Marianne.

Does he have a life quote and if so what is it?

He claims that his life quote is from the film Lagaan, that says, “…hear the call of the road. Let not the road remain waiting for you.” He thinks it’s terribly romantic, and his wanderlust is off the charts. But the quote he really lives by is this David Bowie one: “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman.'”

Favorite writing utensil?

He doesn’t really have one. He just carries around a pen or pencil he likes until he loses it or it stops working.


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