On Special Snowflakes

Part I of probably many, many more to come.

I don’t advocate violence. I try to be a good person. But if I read one more thing about being special or different or atypical followed by the words “but that’s okay,” I’m going to start throwing punches. Of course not literally, because all of this bullshit is online, due to the fact that if anyone said that in a face-to-face conversation with someone, they’d have already been bullied, gotten over it, and become a better, more tolerable human for the experience.

I know this is the unpopular (read: I’m a bigoted, heinous, misogynistic racist who’s going straight to hell because God forbid I think you made up your mental disorder) opinion, and I would be worried about losing followers, but, oh wait, this is probably only going to be read ten times at most. So what’s the point of me screaming my opinion into the void, unpopular or no? It’s not going to change anything. Maybe one person in the boondocks of South Dakota will be like “yes!” and thrust his fist into the air Judd Nelson-style because I put into words what he was thinking. But I doubt it.

You’re not neurologically atypical, you’re human. You don’t deserve special treatment, the world owes you nothing, and if you want respect, earn it. You’re not special for what’s wrong with you. You’re not special because you don’t get along with people. Being offended will get you nowhere in life. Playing the victim will get you nowhere in life. So grow the fuck up and learn how to be a functioning human.


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