On Inscribing Myself in the Annals of Time

N is for Ni.

As in, the Knights who say.

N is for Na.

As in, nananananananana BATMAN.

N is for No.

As in, when I think of all the catchphrases there are in the world, and all the words that have been made famous by writers throughout history, I realize I have none. Do you think that Monty Python knew they were creating something that would be passed down in the annals of comedic history? Do you think that Shakespeare (or Marlowe, if you subscribe to that theory) knew he would be talked about and studied and loved hundreds of years after his death? Do you think that the person who wrote “where’s the beef?” knew that (s)he was creating something that would stick around?

Or did they all just do what they could to make money and catch a lucky break?

I don’t know how things get famous or go viral or stick in people’s memories. So I guess the only thing for it is, in the words of Douglas Adams, to hang the sense of it and keep myself busy. I’ll write, like Jane Austen, entirely for taste and inclination, and I’ll hope that someday at least one person will enjoy and identify with my words enough to quote them in a blog post of her own.



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