Wish Upon a Bead

If you know me at all, you know that I love crafting.  I love making gifts for people (a) because it’s cheaper, (b) because it means more, and (c) because of the looks on their faces when they say, in shock, “You made this?”  Which, really, I honestly don’t understand why they’re still surprised.  If you receive something from me that looks even remotely homemade, it most likely is.

Anyway, I took this love of crafting and finally last year decided to do a craft show.  For the majority of you who aren’t part of the crafting community, a craft show/fair/what-have-you is basically where a bunch of stay-at-home moms and retired old ladies get together to sell their homemade goods to each other.  Other people show up too, but not very many.  The goal is to make your booth flashy enough to draw people in, then have cool enough, cheap enough stuff to get them to buy it.  You generally find a lot of pot holders, cards, jewelry, and people saying, “I could make this,” under their breath.  So I’m trying to find crafts that (a) don’t drive me crazy to make and (b) are unique and cool enough to sell.

A recent discovery that I’m considering selling is wish bracelets.  It’s an interesting concept.  It’s a simple bracelet (usually just cording of some sort and a few beads) on which, when you tie it on your wrist, you are supposed to make a wish.  When the bracelet falls off, your wish comes true.  So apparently, your knot tying skills are inversely related to your wish granting abilities.  Some people say the number of beads is the number of wishes, others say it’s the strength of the wish.  There’s also debate over whether, when the bracelet comes off, it means the wish has come true, or that now the wish will come true.  Either way, it’s marketing.  That’s all it is.  It’s pretty packaging and catchy writing.  It intrigues me.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

Also, on a somewhat related note, I’ve decided to start doing crafty how-to’s on this blog.  If you have an idea for my first one, let me know.


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