Plot Twist! The Writer Can’t Write Them!

In the spirit of writing every day, this will probably be short.  All day today I had the desire to write.  But I didn’t know what.  Nothing exciting ever really happens in my life, it’s summer so I’m not really seeing anyone (I don’t think I’ve left the house in days), I have no crazy love triangle thing going on, and I cannot, for the life of me, come up with a good plot.  That’s why all I ever write creatively is flash fiction, character sketches, poems, and the occasional three-page short story.  I’m good at writing people–I can write relationships, dialogue, emotions, etc. (ironic for someone who claims to have no heart, right?)–but I can never think of good plot lines.  And even when I can think of a good plot line, I have no idea how to write it.  I am no good at getting from one scene to another.

So, does anyone have suggestions?  Plots are not my strong point.  The story I’m writing now has great characters but no plot.  And it’s incredibly implausible as of right now, seeing as my protagonist just spent the night in a strange man’s apartment, and not for a one-night stand.  She thinks he may have drugged her, but why would he?


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