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Ask Me Anything

I know a lot of random information, and I really love researching and learning more random information. I figured I could put all this to good use. So I’ve introduced an advice column—just in case you wanted opinions from some random person on the internet and Reddit wasn’t cutting it. Ask me anything—advice on a relationship problem, how to make your own jewelry, what book you should read next, how to properly use punctuation, whether the moon is made of cheese, etc. The world is your oyster, and I want nothing more than to help you harvest the pearl. So ask away! Continue reading “Ask Me Anything”


You know, it can be both…

Like I’m sure many of you, I’ve been following the Notre Dame fire on and off all day. There’s no denying it’s a tragedy. What I find arguably even more tragic, though, is people’s responses to it. Continue reading “You know, it can be both…”


How to Harness the Power of Communication

I recently wrote a rant about being terrible at communication and received an interesting question in the comments. I started to reply to the comment and then realized I had more than enough info to write a whole new post. So this is that post.

This may be a stupid question, but it is a genuine one. I am on the autism spectrum. What are some ways I can be mindful without sounding robotic?

Continue reading “How to Harness the Power of Communication”


Matthew 4, and one of the reasons I don’t like the modern Evangelical church

Today at church, the youth pastor gave a sermon to the whole congregation about Lent. While none of it was strictly untrue, basically none of it was rooted in any truth, if that makes sense. His main point was that we should prepare for God moments—like Easter and Christmas—by studying and doing things before then (specifically tying this in with Lent), because those dates were divinely inspired and God “penciled in time to meet with us” so we should not just digest those big ideas on those days. Which isn’t technically wrong. But it’s also majorly not right. Continue reading “Matthew 4, and one of the reasons I don’t like the modern Evangelical church”


Matthew 3, and a quick rant about terrible people

So, as I was doing my nightly procrastinating scrolling through social media, I ran across an article that someone had linked to about ignorance regarding racism and how the author had lost many white friends and family members because he became an activist and shared his experiences of racism and they showed no empathy. The author also claimed that his white friends and family couldn’t argue with him because they only had a passing knowledge of racism and he studied it ALL THE TIME. I say this to set the scene, because upon reading through the comments, I found this comment that the author had made: Continue reading “Matthew 3, and a quick rant about terrible people”


Making My Rambling Way Through the New Testament, Part 1 of So Many

Do you ever just start way too many projects knowing you don’t have the time, motivation, or even desire to finish all of them?

I’ve got a website I manage, an instapoetry account, two or three novels I’m always in the process of writing plus a couple short stories, poetry I’ve submitted to magazines that’s very different from my instapoetry, plus of course friends, a boyfriend, family things, a full-time job, and a house to take care of. All the things. Continue reading “Making My Rambling Way Through the New Testament, Part 1 of So Many”


On Being Worthwhile

Yesterday I stopped at Starbucks, because I had stars that were expiring at the end of the month and I wanted to use my reward before it no longer existed. As you may have experienced, their app was not working. I stood in the mostly empty Target Starbucks for five minutes, though it felt like twenty, logging into the app over and over again while the baristas waited for me, drink already made. Continue reading “On Being Worthwhile”


Your To-Do List

Make something today.

It doesn’t matter what it is, or what inspires it, or how good it is. It doesn’t matter if you pour your soul into it or just doodle while you’re bingeing Friends on Netflix. It doesn’t matter if you have any talent or if it looks like it was done by a drunk third grader.

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